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"It helps make the most out of making baseball fun for kids while building a foundation for our future ballplayer." - Gary Harris


"The Handbook and the Clips 'n Tips is a refreshing new coaching system. Its contents are very easy to implement and make coaching fun again. Rookie coach or seasoned veterans will find these very useful." - Lee Christensen


"At our first game, everyone had a blast! I noticed that our team was much more organized, both batting and fielding because we had parents involved in helping while the other team didn't." - Jon Hutson


"We have organized, fun practices and I think the kids and parents alike believe I am an experienced coach! I used the practice outline idea to come up with a timeline for all our practices, so we move from one thing to the next quickly and keep right on schedule!" - Hank Capporelli


"What a great thing the Handbook is! Our practices were organized and fun and the kids LEARNED a lot using the Practice In A Pocket system! The Handbook is something I keep with me at practices and games. Great stuff!"  - Andrew Holvath


"I was really nervous and this was the first team I ever coached. I downloaded my Handbook, made some notes about what I wanted to do, and I was ready to go - that afternoon! Thanks, Teeball-to-a-tee!" - Molly Isom


What Will You Find In The TeeBall-To-A-Tee Coaching COMBO?

If you've coached before, you know that a mentor or someone who's been through it all before, can help you past some of the stumbling blocks you may encounter. If you've never coached before, you may be overwhelmed with the prospect of starting from scratch.  The TeeBall Coaching Combo will serve as your mentor throughout the season, and is the perfect guide to help you prepare your team for every practice and every game!

The TeeBall-To-A-Tee Coaching Handbook© has been compiled to help experienced and first-time coaches alike! No long-winded theory here, the Handbook is full of sound, practical advice to help you from day one.  The newly-revised and expanded Handbook features 70-plus pages of how to maximize the first five minutes of practice, general practice guidelines (items you should cover over the course of a season), practice organization, how to handle problems that arise, a workable player rotation system, forms to use, awards, incentives and motivational helpers,tips for parents, and much, much more!

 The TeeBall-To-A-Tee Coaching Handbook© is combined with the unique “Clips ‘N Tips” Practice System©.       “Clips ‘N Tips”© features 40 pages of drills, practice planning tips, and skill-building routines for parents and coaches as they work with young ballplayers to help them develop their game.   This handy Coach’s Clipboard Guide will be an invaluable coaching tool that will assist the Parent/Coach in planning their team’s season from the first day of “Spring Training” through the season’s end. 

Keep your Clipboard handy at every practice for finding the perfect drill or during the games to update and evaluate your players’ progress.

Evaluating your players accurately and helping them develop as players is just as important to the development of your team as it is to the individual player.  By evaluating each player properly and understanding their strengths and weaknesses, you can help them improve their skills and enhance their progress as they grow and move further along into organized youth baseball.  The highly-effective Clips 'n Tips© Practice System can give you the tools to run better practices and teach your players more efficiently from Day One!   

Developed by a coach with over 30 years coaching experience, the TeeBall-To-A-Tee Coaching System is a proven system designed to create the maximum opportunities for success for players and coaches alike!  TeeBall-To-Tee Coaching products have been used by coaches in all 50 states and from around the world!

What's more, you can download The TeeBall Coaching Handbook© and the Clips 'n Tips© Practice System Combo IMMEDIATELY, and start using them at your very next practice!

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What You Get In The TeeBall Coaching COMBO

Teeball Coaching Handbook

The TeeBall Coaching Handbook with over 70 pages of helpful information to make your coaching experience an enjoyable and memorable one.  Full of great coaching assists, forms, practice ideas, awards, and much more!

Clips 'n Tips© Practice System

The Clips 'n Tips© Practice System, is an easy-to-use practice tool with lots of skill-specific drills and practice routines specifically developed for younger players.  Your practices will be more organized and more FUN!

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